How to Get the Best Experience Kayaking on Lake Charlevoix

Any trip to East Jordan wouldn’t be complete without getting up close and personal with Lake Charlevoix. Many water sports are a favorite activity with the locals, spending much of their time during the warmer seasons paddling, swimming, rafting, and boating on the numerous bodies of water nearby. Among the many aquatic activities out there, kayaking is ranked among the most popular on the body of water! Read on to learn about how you should experience kayaking on Lake Charlevoix! 

The most important part of any physical activity is keeping your body fueled up properly. Luckily, we can offer you insider information about all aspects of East Jordan (including the best restaurants around), so that you can plan your trip to be the best it possibly can be! Get access to our free Vacation Guide for all the information you will need to start planning your kayak excursion! 


Kayaking Basics 

There are some things that are worth knowing before you head out onto the water for the first time to make sure you get the best experience possible! Firstly, sunscreen is a must-have when you go kayaking. The sunlight reflects off the water and onto your arms and face effectively doubling the amount of sun you get, so make sure you keep that sunscreen on! Secondly, make sure to pack all the essentials for your trip. You likely won’t run into a convenience store while kayaking on Lake Charlevoix, so pack your back with plenty of water, trail snacks, a first-aid kit, and an emergency whistle. 

Guided Tours 

If it is your first time kayaking on an open body of water, getting a guided tour can make or break your experience. It can be easy to overwhelm your trip with trails that are too long, or not knowing when to launch resulting in fighting the current the entire time. Book a guided tour with Jordan Valley Outfitters (which is right around the corner) to ensure a great first time on Lake Charlevoix! Jordan Valley Outfitters has tours for any skill level, so even if you are experienced and just want to paddle with a local, they’ve still got you covered! 

Rentals for Kayaking on Lake Charlevoix 

Already an experienced kayaker? Great! There are a variety of kayak rentals available, so you can just grab the boat and go! Visit Summertime Rentals and check out their inventory of 7.5-foot, 10-foot, and 12-foot kayaks, as well as tandem kayaks. You can also read this kayak trip report from Lake Charlevoix to help prepare for what you might encounter on the body of water! 


Dry Off at South Arm Retreats Bedroom with table and windows

Once you’re all worn out from exploring the lake, come back to South Arm Retreats to let your body recoup! We are located only a short walk from Jordan Valley Outfitters, and just a 2-minute drive from Summertime Rentals, putting you in the prime location for all kayaking on Lake Charlevoix! Check out all our comfortable accommodations, and check availability for your next outing on the water!